Q: What are Titty Twirlers™?

A: Titty Twirlers™ are the world's finest propeller pasties. Originally designed for a trip to Burning Man, Titty Twirlers™ are the perfect accessory for an extraordinary burlesque act or to turn an average bike ride on a windy day into an adventure!

Q: How are Titty Twirlers™ made?

A: They are hand painted and assembled in Boston, MA.

Q: How do they stay on?

A: Titty Twirlers™ stay securely on your titty with the help of our double-sided adhesive discs known as Pastie Petals™.

Q: How fast do they spin?

A: They will twirl slowly with the slightest breeze from a walk, and can really get going while on a bike or during a dust storm or windy day!

Q: Are Pastie Petals™ safe?

A: Pastie Petals™ are non-toxic but not recommended if you have a latex allergy.

Q: How long do they stay on?

A: With proper application on clean and dry skin Titty Twirlers™ can stay put for up to an entire day. In testing they even lasted through 6 trips in and out of a steam!

Q: Do they hurt to remove?

A: Nope, just remove them gently as you would a band-aid. A splash of water will also help them detach more easily if needed.

Q: Will Pastie Petals™ work on other pasties?

A: Absolutely! We find them to be best way to adhere anything securely to your titty.