What the Titty are those things?

Titty Twirlers™ and Pastie Petals™ (patent pending) are the creation of Boston based designer/inventor Jesse James Salucci (www.creativeoutlaw.com). After returning from Burning Man in late summer 2010 - my mind reeling from all the sights, sounds and experiences - I began to brainstorm a gift that I could make and give to people I would meet the following year. Two thoughts that kept coming back to me were the feeling of freedom while riding my bike out on the open playa and the power of the dust storms that would sneak up on you without a moment's notice. I thought to myself, "What if I could create something that would transform a dust storm from an unpleasant experience into the best part of the day?"

Titty Twirlers™ were inspired by a beanie

... that I used to wear while riding my bike to school each day and my love of burlesque (and titties in general, of course). I worked through multiple prototypes until I settled upon a final design and made 20 pairs to give away at Burning Man 2011. To say they were a hit would definitely be an understatement. After giving the first few pairs away, people were stopping by my camp in droves and asking where they could get them. When I returned home to Boston I decided that I needed to find a way to get a pair of Titty Twirlers™ into the hands of anyone who wanted one of their very own.

... and then Pastie Petals™ were born

While developing Titty Twirlers™ prototypes, it became quickly apparent that one of the biggest hurdles was going to be how to adhere them to a titty in a safe and secure manner. I researched burlesque dancers and the various pastie glues and wig tapes they recommended, but none of them were quite good enough. It was through much experimentation that I developed Pastie Petals, which I think are the best double-sided adhesive pastie discs around.

Welcome to TittyTwirlers.com!